When should you shoot film?

If you’re a film shooter chances are extremely high you’re also a digital shooter. Heck, with a camera in every cell phone it’d be difficult not to be. As one goes clicking about in their normal, everyday, life suddenly film photography can take on an increased value. After all it does cost money to shoot film! This extra consideration if unchecked can lead to a paralysis in film shooting. The FPP calls read more

Cost Comparison of Film and Digital Photography

Pdexposures.tv put together a nice info graphic of the cost difference between film and digital photography. Considering you’re lucky to get 5 years out of a $3k digital camera the film path is looking pretty good, but that’s only taking two thousand pictures a year. A big number in film but a small number in digital photography.

Batman Loves the Film.

Putting the resolution debate to bed

Does film or digital have better resolution? The debate has been raging since the first professional 6 MegaPixel cameras hit the market. Now with 20 or more MegaPixels, digital is still playing catchup. I personally have made 20×30 prints from less than 20MP images with great success, I’ve also been surprised at how well a 35mm negative prints at 16×20. The reason digital is so enlargeable is in its smoothening, edge sharpening, and interpolation. Most all digital cameras have read more

Digital Cameras Are Creating Impotent Photographers

I could write pages about this but the kernel of my quasi disagreement resides in the statement “Photography is art.” No. Photography can be art, but not everyone uses it for that purpose. “Yay!” acceptable photography is easier for everyone, “Boo!” that there is more chaff to separate the wheat from.

Digital Cameras Are Creating Impotent Photographers

To dig into this a little more, the digital photography revolution has enabled photographers to learn more faster read more

All this technology doesn’t take a better picture.

Sigh, it’s really kind of sad. We have all of this wonderful technology surrounding image making and quite often it just gets in the way. Apparently it’s a US Navy tradition for one lucky sailor to have “The first kiss” when returning from deployment. For the first time ever,it was a homosexual couple kissing on December read more