The Script

I used this script long ago to blog. I came across it when I found an archive of an archive on an old hard drive. After a couple google searches I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to repost it in the event that someone was looking for an ultra lightweight blogging utility. These days it’s easy enough to get WordPress up and running but that wasn’t always the case. I don’t know how useful this is for anyone anymore. Perhaps just a play to, but it’s pretty awesome how people got so much done using ingenuity.

The Microblog script is pretty straight forward most of the time. The version I have is 1.4 and I may have modified it but it’s as original as I have. The scripts author states:

This is a deploy-in-place weblogger engine. Everything you need is
right here in this script — It has absolutely no dependencies on
any external gingerbread, i.e. no PHP, no SQL, no CGI, no JavaScript,
no CSS, no nothing…no problem!

It’s menu driven. Originally it used the pico editor (might be my change, you could change it to use vi or whatever terminal editor you want) and I switched it to nano. You can download it here:
Microblogger 1.4

This script was written by Bowie J Poag. Later development was done by Kevin R. Wood and the name was changed to Nanoblogger. You can download Nanoblogger here with the sourceforge page here. It looks like the script was developed for several years with lots of features being added, but is now abandoned.

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