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Urbexing again!

...I haven't really urbexed in years despite a significant portion of my portfolio consisting of urban and rural decay. I have plans to embark on some adventures next week and I'm excited! I'm trying to figure out a small MF kit to bring but I might end up with just 35mm. In a related topic I'm beginning to see M42 as the awesomeness it is! Where's all the m42 love?

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Heading up to Photostock tomorrow!

...Photostock is a yearly gathering of mostly analog photographers of the film and alt process variety in Northern Michigan. I've been going since 2007 and haven't missed a single one. I'm super excited about the event. Sometimes it's the only time I get to see some wonderful photographers and people. I still have a decent amount of prep to do. There are film backs to load, cameras and clothes to pack, various necessities to purchase. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I'll be on I-75 northbound, and probably listening to the latest Film Photography Project Podcast!

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Super big list of photography movies.

...Ever find yourself wanting to do something photography related but taking/editting/developing/printing pictures just isn't in the cards? Well sit back and warm up your streaming content player of choice and pic a gem from this list to watch. Sometimes it's just as important to work on your inspiration! PetaPixel's super huge list of photography movies, with links!

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So much 4x5!

...I've shot ad developed more 4x5 so far this year than I have in 5 years. It feels so good. I was spurred on by a couple boxes of Shanghai 4x5 iso100 film I got reasonalby cheap on eBay. Well I just loaded up six sheets. I've had hit an miss luck semi-stand developing 4x5 film and I'm determined to keep at it. On the large format tip I did just buy a 20 sheet box of Acros and I got a sealed box of Kodak TXP 320 (expired) cheap too. Not to mention I was just checking out my film stocks and found a box of Ilford HP4 that I never opend! I'm excited. I have a lens project I'm working on that I'll share shortly as soon I have some hal decent negs to show with them.

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I want to try bulk rolling some 35mm

...I picked up a 35mm bulk roller for free last year and I'm starting to wnat to use it. I don't have any 35mm cartridges or bulk film yet. It's just someting I'd like to make progress towards. It'd also be a window in to the world of weird films, which intrigues me.

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I think I might try stand development for 4x5

...Or maybe semi stand. Why? Because I can't have a consistent work flow. I had one for a minute by I couldn't sustain it. I loved shooting Fuji Neopan Acros film and developing it in Xtol. Problem with this was that you had to wait until you had 35 rolls or so before you could start processing. See Xtol only comes in 5L bags, which could be enough for 50 rolls. Also you need to use the Xtol quickly. It has a short shelf life and dies without warning. This was killing my mojo. If your volume of shooting drops off you can find yourself waiting for a year or more to process your film. Then you hve to be very busy processing. It's even harder to get excited about shooting when you might not see the results for a year maybe more.

So I switched to Rodinal (actually R09) wich is great, has a long shelf life. Plus you don't need much, it's very concentrated. This makes it one of the cheapest per roll developers out there. Only I found a problem with it. Grain. Oh it likes grain. This isn't super noticeable on slower films, say iso200 and pokier especially on 6x6 or bigger negatives. Then I ran some 35mm Tri-X 400 through it and was unimpressed. Just not what I was hoping for at all.

So I switched to Ilfotec DD-X for iso400 and faster films. It seems ok so far, but I haven't actually printed any of those negatives yet. It's not as concentrated but the stock solution is supposedly lasts well.

But I want to try stand on the 4x5 stuff because then I could do it in a saylight tank and not eat huge quantities of developer that the LF tanks love to drink. Originally I was thinking of using my Doran (like a yankee) tank, but I might just try the taco method first.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. --Neitzche

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Past the golden era of GREAT film photography deals?

...I fist took a serious interest in film photography in the early aughts. I got myself a full Koni-Omega 6x7 system, Calumet and Graflex 4x5 systems, Kiev 60, and some other cameras as well as a developing tank, filters, etc. These were all available at striking deals. Later in 2007, 2008 I got a Bronica SQa and other legacy cameras, lenses, and accessories. There were tons of them listed on eBay. Seriously, you could get a Bronica 6x6 starter kit for under $200 with just a little patience and tenacity. Keh.com had so many of these older cameras and accessories for sale cheap too. At times cheaper than eBay. Darkroom equipment was also at bargain prices.

Now it looks like the deals are well on their way to drying up. Not many SQa's even listed. 120 backs are super expensive compared to a 5-7 years ago now that 220 film is a very short list. Previously owned paper too doesn't seem as abundant either. There are still deals, but they seem to mostly be in 35mm cult cameras, like getting an Olympus XA for under $50. The MF/LF and darkroom stuff is all fetching 2-3x what it was just a short while ago. I know that compared to what all this stuff sold for in the 1980-90's it's still relatively very inexpensive, but still it seems like *THE* perfect time to buy into film photography may have passed. Peak camera deals probably happed somewhere around 2010. Maybe it's a good thing and an indicator that the number of people getting into film is surpassing the number of people getting out of it.

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Been chewing on this idea for a long time...

...I have a set of 4 images that are almost identical, shot at the same time, same place, I don't really know what I was thinking. One of them has a dust spot on it. That off hand makes it the loser of the bunch. I thought maybe it's time to try the "Kill Your Darlings" with it. I've wanted to do something like this for a while but the idea of purposely destroying a negative, some of which I've worked hard to make, has just been so hard for me to actually do. Funny (ironic?) thing is, perhaps it'll turn the loser into a winner. You never know.

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Darkroom Adventures

...Man I had a crazy time in the darkroom recently. It definitely warrants a full post. Then I was reading this article on Fuji's Price hike and it turned into an article about Fuji winding down its film manufacturing. This caused a slight panic in me and I may have orded a bunch of one of my favorite films: Fuji Neopan Acros. I think I'll be buying it up as I can because, really, that film is gorgeous! Initially I went to Freestyle to buy the film but they were having some sort of DNS issue that cause their site to be down. I went to Adorama instead and was pleaantly surprised to see they were having an Acros sale. I scooped up some 35mm, 120, and 4x5.

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...Lost a roll of film today. The plastic reel popped open during development. On all 3 rolls I loaded (35mm) all 3 jumped the clutch at the end. Sometimes I split the reel and take the film off that way, it's usually faster than unspooling it and bends the film less. I could have sworn I felt the click that tells you it's together right. Learning some tough lessons this week in the darkroom. The other two rolls from Disney World/Universal Studios looked superb. I'm digging this DD-X so far.

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