Link Dump

Links that probably have something to do with film photography, but maybe not.

Working with Paper Negatives Paper negatives for fun and profit, part 1 of a three part series.

Hack the DX code of your film. Change the speed your camera thinks the film is by altering the DX code on the 35mm canister.

Ultimate Michigan Waterfall Roadtrip A map and suggestions of 9 waterfalls to see in the UP. Driving time just over 8hrs.

YouTube video on semi-stand development Taco method of 4x5 film using Rodinal (R09) and semi-sttand development (very dilute, long development time, little agitation).

The Film Photography Project All kinds of products and info related to film photography. Aslo a podcast!

Stand Development With Rodinal Understanding stand development with Rodinal (R09) developer.

Kill Your Darlings Destroy your negatives for fun and profit!

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