Lomo, the love/hate relationship

I love the Lomo community. I like their enthusiasm and spontaneity. I like that they are a part of the film community and we really need all the members we can get. I enjoy the Lomo aesthetic.

I hate getting lumped in with the Lomo community. While I do have a Holga, the vast majority of my work is taken with a “serious” camera. My goto film camera, the Bronica SQa is a whole new world compared to a Holga/Lomo camera. Accurate shutter speeds? Removable backs? Interchangeable read more

Don’t Quit!

Ira Glass is the man. I’ve listened to many “This American Life” and this bit of an interview really speaks to me as a creative person. This year started off well photographically but sort of lulled in the middle. I’m trying to get it moving again but sometimes worry if I’m losing “it”. I can tell you I do a little when you go for a long time without practice. Each time it seems to come back faster and I generally end up surprising myself. So my read more

Art, naked people, and porn: The Great Debate, Fashion and Glamor

What’s the difference between fashion and glamor? Anyone? Bueller? Fashion sells something, clothes, jewelry, perfume, hand bags, shoes, etc. Glamor (or glamour) sells the person, typically a woman but not always.

Glamor was born out of the 30-40’s Hollywood actors portraits. Often need for promotional materials, magazine interviews and the like, this type of portraiture was different. Traditional portraiture seeks to reveal a person’s character or inner self through their read more

Art, naked people, and porn: The great debate. A multi part series.

Lots of times I see people posting a comment on an image onin a thread that starts out “I don’t want to start and art vs porn debate but…” Well lets put on the adult pants and have that debate like civilized people. It’s one worth having and there are very interesting places to explore in the discussion.

I think the easiest definition of art and porn correlate with mind and body. Art inspires thought and porn elicits arousal. The problem comes in the grey area read more

James and the Giant Creeper

Ever have someone react to your work in a way that makes you go “Wha-wha-wha-what?!?” This happened to me a couple of days ago on a semi-public forum. I posted this image:

Just as a sanity check for me, go ahead and associate four words or phrases with this image and/or its contents. Feel free to put them in the comments if you like.

Four things the Creeper saw:
A “willing victim”
A “sacrificial altar”
An “erect phallus”
The read more