Digital Cameras Are Creating Impotent Photographers

I could write pages about this but the kernel of my quasi disagreement resides in the statement “Photography is art.” No. Photography can be art, but not everyone uses it for that purpose. “Yay!” acceptable photography is easier for everyone, “Boo!” that there is more chaff to separate the wheat from.

Digital Cameras Are Creating Impotent Photographers

To dig into this a little more, the digital photography revolution has enabled photographers to learn more faster read more

Brought back from the brink.

In more ways than one! Today I found a link that gave me some good photography feels (you’ll find it in the previous post) and thought I’d dust off ye olde trusty blog and breathe some new life into it. I ventured over here and saw stuff in quite the disarray. Stuff was broken, updates hadn’t been done, blerg. I logged in and figured the first place to start was updating to the latest and greatest WordPress code. Unfortunately the update failed and the blog was completely read more

The 1970’s everyday life in color.

I was born in 1975 so I was 4 when the 70’s came to a close. Still images from that decade, especially color ones, conjure up such ghostly thin but vibrant memories in me. Flashes of recognition of knowing what it was like to be in that time but without the latticework of language, circumstance, reason, or opinions that “normal” memories are stretched upon. It’s mostly wonderful with just a tinge of sadness.
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Wow, I was surprised, and touched.

The stats on my Etsy Shop default to weekly and look relatively unimpressive when viewed day to day. “Favorites” trickle in, sometimes one user will go on a faving binge. Shop favorites are more infrequent. Last night I noticed that the reporting time for the stats can be changed and that one of the selections was “all time”. I was interested in that and was not prepared read more