Just a quick end of printing session pic

This is what I managed to kick out of a session. Of course there were more copies, but these are the prints I worked up that afternoon.

FB vs RC paper

There’s a near religious debate in b&w photography over paper. See there are two kinds, the first and original paper with the emulsion directly on it, fiber or Fb (fiber base). The second is paper that’s essentially been laminated, or resin coated, RC, and the emulsion sits on the resin.

Why is there debate? Because we theoretically know how to make fiber base images last a very long time. Wash all the acidic fix out during processing and sepia or selenium tone the image, store read more

Leena Allure shoot, digital preview

On Saturday I had a shoot with the always awesome Leena Allure. I shot 5 rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros as wll as about 500 digital shots. We started with a film-noir-meets-pinup idea I came up with. Transitioned that into a remake of The Machine Shop’s logo (not pictured below). Then we did a hear/Valentines Day set before finishing with a Halloween/witch themed set. It was EPIC. We worked for about 4hrs total. Here are some digital priviews read more

Me on the net

This year during Photostock 2011, Matt Marrash interviewed me for a podcast he was doing on the event. Well the podcast is finally up and you can listen to it here:
My interview is a little past halfway through. For those interested, Photostock is a predominantly film event held yearly in Northern Michigan read more

I can also write :-)

Luckily, because my parents truly valued education, I can write a pretty decent op-ed:
Now as then; 360mainstreet.com

Printing for others

It’s sort of odd, but every once in a while someone asks me to print something I hadn’t really considered. It started with Sean Stennett asking me to print a shot of Michigan coastline I previously had regarded as dull. I did and it turned out alright and eventually hung in The Red Eye for a couple of months. Later Steven Magstadt asked if I had some prints of homeless people or any images that highlighted need for an exhibit he was doing. I scoured my negatives and came up with read more

Back from a brief hiatus!

This always happens to me. If I need to mix up more than one chem I start to put off printing and before you know it a month has gone by and I haven’t produced squat. Combine that with school being out but daycare not picking up yet and if I could produce less than squat I probably would have. Well, the best way to get myself out of that rut is to sign up for something! Yup, I’m going to have a canopy and prints for sale at Saginaw’s Jazz on the Jefferson event this Wednesday read more