Another wierd little feedback loop.

I was thinking about the previously mentioned feedback loop when I discovered another one. This one revolves around supplies. Pretty much the only way I can keep print prices low is to be an efficient printer. Efficient with time and money. A large component of this is inexpensive paper. This is generally previously owned. While there’s a good amount of nervousness about the supply of any aspect of analog photography, I particularly worry about the stock of usable previously owned read more

The artists’ treadmill

Sometimes it feels like I’m on an infinite feedback loop. I need money so I can buy film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, bags, and space at art/craft shows. In order to make more money I need to sell prints which requires inventory. Inventory requires film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, and bags. I need to sell prints so I can buy more materials to make more prints to sell.

Oops, forgot to show off a Digi preview of Hannah Noel

Some digital shots from a recent pinup shoot with the beautifu Hannah Noel:

The origins of one aspect of my style.

I was sitting here thinking about style. About how it’s a collection of habits one acquires over time. Habits that routinely produce results the photographer enjoys and shows off his or her take on the world. It can be a favorite aperture, lighting technique, post processing technique, pose, background, the options are virtually limitless. When considering my own style one thing I noticed was an increasing consistency in camera angle, especially when it comes to pin up photography.

I read more

Help me win 30 rolls of film!

4 of my images have made it into the Semi-Finals and they need all the stars they can get!

Lake O’Neil

Lighthouse Staircase

Cookies? (Pinup)

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)


believeinfilm.com is running a contest and I have several images in the running:

 IR Shack

Lake O’Neil

EAP 1st grave

Cookies? (Pinup)

Old Cross Village Port


Buck Skull

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)

Whiskey Point Lighthouse

Rail Bolt

Lighthouse Stairway

Take a gander read more

Whoa! Sooper Pinup exposure on Veteran’s Day!

So I’m getting the most exposure ever in my life for my pinup work. The shots were submitted by Leena Allure to the Rebel Pinup Page. These military inspired pinups are blowin up on Veteran’s Day. I’m very honored. Extremely. I’m also told that my Grandfathers, both Army Air Corps vets would read more

Digital Preview of Whitney Nicole!

Yesterday I did a shoot with Whitney Nicole. We did some fashion-y stuff as well as pinup. I shot two rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros, a roll of Shanghai GP3, and a roll of Efke 100 of the pinup. Here’s a preview taken digitally.