Rumbleville Grand Opening!

Rumbleville Underground Clothing is having it’s grand opening celebration this weekend. The feature vintage and retro clothing and accessories as well as other oddities and fun items that anyone in or near the PschoBilly/Rockabilly/Greaser/Pinup/Rat rod/Biker/retrosexual/etc lifestyle would love! For the grand opening I was asked if I had any prints I’d like featured at their store. I just dropped off 38 5×7 prints and 62 matted 8×10 prints!

Saturday June 11 from 12:30pm read more

Skull Vodka Decanter

Skull Vodka Decanter print available!

Please ignore any dust, it comes from the scan and is really noticeable on dark backgrounds.

If you like Skull Vodka you might recognize this. A friend of mine had one and I just had to borrow it. 

Setup for the shot was pretty easy just a light tent with a black background. 

I shot this with a Graflex Pacemaker press camera with a Kodak Aero-Ektar lens, on some expired TXP320 film. Stand developed for 1 hour in Rodinal 1:100. 

Motel Pinup Maid

Motel Pinup 3

Then next in a mini series of motel pinups. This an image from 35mm film, shot with an EOS 620.

Saginaw Old Golds "Contact Sheet"

“Contact Sheet” from the Saginaw Old Golds Baseball Game

On Sauturday, May 14th, 2016 (and Sunday) four Vintage Baseball teams from Michigan played four teams from Ohio. They play by 1860s rules, dress in 1800’s reproduction outfits, and play ball! My son and I went and watched out home town team, the Saginaw Old Golds play The Capitals. I shots these photographs with a Canon A-1, using a Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm, on read more

Summer 2016 Film Stash

Getting Ready For the Summer!

Still needing to add some iso400 35mm. Thinking about trying to bulk roll some HP5. You can catch a glimpse of some FPP rolls in there!

The Film Photography Project

The Film Photography Project and Podcast

Either Way it’s the FPP! In a recent podcast I was listening to, the cast remarked that the FPP is underground and nobody writes about them, Will I’m aiming to change that.

I’ve been following the FPP for quite a while. I was first introduced to the FPP by contributor Mat Marrash at the 2011 Photostock. He interviewed me and others and we were featured in Episode read more

Chicago Taiwan Protest

Chicago Taiwan Protest

My family and I generally visit Chicago about once or twice a year now. It’s close and it’s a beautiful city. The visit that kicked all of was in March of 2014. We were walking to the shopping district, The Magnificent Mile. I saw this protest up ahead and I got one of my point and shoots out and ready. I’m not a street photographer or a activist photographer, but I sensed an important opportunity. With our two small children with us, and lots on the itinerary I didn’t read more