Interesting stocking stuffer for the film lover

If you’re looking for an interesting yet inexpensive photography book for the film lover in your life, let recommend Hotel Seventeen by Jörg Fokuhl. Channeling Stefon from SNL’s Weekend Update: it has hipsters, cyberpunks, fighting rooster tattoos, rockers, push buttons, and transvestites read more

Help me win 30 rolls of film!

4 of my images have made it into the Semi-Finals and they need all the stars they can get!

Lake O’Neil

Lighthouse Staircase

Cookies? (Pinup)

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)


believeinfilm.com is running a contest and I have several images in the running:

 IR Shack

Lake O’Neil

EAP 1st grave

Cookies? (Pinup)

Old Cross Village Port


Buck Skull

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)

Whiskey Point Lighthouse

Rail Bolt

Lighthouse Stairway

Take a gander read more

Whoa! Sooper Pinup exposure on Veteran’s Day!

So I’m getting the most exposure ever in my life for my pinup work. The shots were submitted by Leena Allure to the Rebel Pinup Page. These military inspired pinups are blowin up on Veteran’s Day. I’m very honored. Extremely. I’m also told that my Grandfathers, both Army Air Corps vets would read more

Ups and Downs

Film photography is different from any other art form in one way. We’re all afraid it’s going to die. It reminds me of a comedian who talked about how hard core surfers are. In no other sport do athletes face the real possibility of being consumed by a wild predator. No other art form is threatened in quite the same way. If film, paper, and chemicals are all things that need to be done in large volumes to be profitable. If the prices go up too much, demand drops off, volumes read more

Digital Preview of Whitney Nicole!

Yesterday I did a shoot with Whitney Nicole. We did some fashion-y stuff as well as pinup. I shot two rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros, a roll of Shanghai GP3, and a roll of Efke 100 of the pinup. Here’s a preview taken digitally.

Just a quick end of printing session pic

This is what I managed to kick out of a session. Of course there were more copies, but these are the prints I worked up that afternoon.

Lomo, the love/hate relationship

I love the Lomo community. I like their enthusiasm and spontaneity. I like that they are a part of the film community and we really need all the members we can get. I enjoy the Lomo aesthetic.

I hate getting lumped in with the Lomo community. While I do have a Holga, the vast majority of my work is taken with a “serious” camera. My goto film camera, the Bronica SQa is a whole new world compared to a Holga/Lomo camera. Accurate shutter speeds? Removable backs? Interchangeable read more