The artists’ treadmill

Sometimes it feels like I’m on an infinite feedback loop. I need money so I can buy film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, bags, and space at art/craft shows. In order to make more money I need to sell prints which requires inventory. Inventory requires film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, and bags. I need to sell prints so I can buy more materials to make more prints to sell.

I was in the local news

I’ll have 13 16×20 pieces of urbex/rurex, scenic, and pinups in The Saginaw Art Museum’s “Art 4 All” exhibit March 23rd – May 20th.

Art 4 All lives up to its name at the Saginaw Art Museum

Oops, forgot to show off a Digi preview of Hannah Noel

Some digital shots from a recent pinup shoot with the beautifu Hannah Noel:

The origins of one aspect of my style.

I was sitting here thinking about style. About how it’s a collection of habits one acquires over time. Habits that routinely produce results the photographer enjoys and shows off his or her take on the world. It can be a favorite aperture, lighting technique, post processing technique, pose, background, the options are virtually limitless. When considering my own style one thing I noticed was an increasing consistency in camera angle, especially when it comes to pin up photography.

I read more

So many ups and downs

Being engaged in a creative endeavor sometimes seems like a decent into an extremely bipolar world. All the ups are extremely up and all the downs are really down. You can always look back and see all the hills you’ve climbed and feel great. You accomplished those feats! Then you look ahead and see people standing on top of hills that look so difficult to climb, you’ve never tackled anything like that before. At your sides are people offering encouragement believing you can climb read more

Why I dislike the term “Ruin Porn”

My apologies that this went a little long, but there are pictures and (shameless plug) they’re all available as prints from me 🙂

First off, in full disclosure, I’m a Ruin “Pornographer”. I love shooting abandoned buildings and do so whenever I get the chance. Lately the term “Ruin Porn” is picking up steam and that bothers me. For a second, read more

All this technology doesn’t take a better picture.

Sigh, it’s really kind of sad. We have all of this wonderful technology surrounding image making and quite often it just gets in the way. Apparently it’s a US Navy tradition for one lucky sailor to have “The first kiss” when returning from deployment. For the first time ever,it was a homosexual couple kissing on December read more