A dream without action will remain just that.

A dream without action will remain just that. I don’t know who said that, and there are many variations but it is absolutely 100% true. The other day I did an art market/arts and crafts show. The weather (snow) put a damper on it, but I still sold a little. I noticed a trend this go around. A lot of people seemed eager to talk with me about how they, or a close family member was once “into photography”, they tell me about the 35mm cameras they once owned, or maybe even a read more

Film isn’t dead

It just smells funny! 🙂 It’s true, it’s not dead yet, but there are still too many players on the field to consider any one producers of analog photography supplies as “thriving”. There’s still a ton of speculation and rumor going on about what Kodak’s bankruptcy means for film shooters and Efke recently quit the game. Anyways here’s a story about those still hanging on to film in NYC.

A couple neat resources that answer “Why Shoot Film?”

Found this video of Clyde Butcher talking about his love of film and the darkroom via Stu Batchelor:

And Believe in Film brought this wonderful article from PopPhoto.com on film photography to my attention:
Film Lives: The Enduring Allure of Analog Photography

Betcha didn’t know that thigh high leather boots date back to the 1920s!

Who knew? Apparently thigh high, stiletto, fetish, leather boots date back the the 1920’s.
via the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bettie Page wore a similar boot for a photoshoot:

It’s kind of bizarre (pun intended) but even people with no interest or fetish for foot ware find these ridiculously sexy. Perhaps because they are the shape of a woman’s whole leg.

OMG look at all those negatives!

Boxes stacked on boxes between full filing cabinets. Drool….

Bette Page negs alone are worth north of $700ea! As a b&w printer it’d be magical to just have access to that collection for a year or more. So much pinup and movie star fun could be had. I can’t imagine what the auction house valued that collection at. It bottles my mind.

How the history of Pinup has changed.

So an awesome friend of mine (Dave Gersh) picked up some “History of Pinup” books for me he found at a garage sale. One thing that instantly struck me was a notable omission. Bettie Page was remarkably and completely missing from one book, the other made a passing mention of her in a paragraph that focused mainly on the magazine that had published the image of her. The books (listed/pictured below) were published in 1972 and 1974. In terms of models they seem to mostly focus on read more

Motel Fetish in it’s 2nd printing!

I was just flipping through my Taschen catalog and noticed that Chas Ray Krider’s “Motel Fetish” is in it’s second printing!

This is really good news if you’re an analog (film) photographer and/or enjoy pinup. Before this second printing I literally waited YEARS before a 1st ed print in fair-poor condition became available for less than $50. I think I got mine for just under $25 but most were $50+ Now it’s available for the entirely reasonable price of read more