What’s in My Bag – Light Weight Photo-Walk Edition

Yesterday me an a couple friends got together for a couple beers and an evening stroll around Carrolton which is in Saginaw County Michigan. There were old schools, store fronts, grain elevators, trains, wheat grass in the sunset, concrete plants, all kinds of stuff to see. I wanted to shoot film mostly and leave the digital to my iPhone 5. This is what I packed to keep it light and easy. Not a whole lot of thought needed for any of these cameras which means your mind can focus more on composition. read more

Konica Big Mini Zoom

Today’s film camera is the Konica Big Mini. I was reading an Ed Templeton interview some time ago and he was talking about the cameras he uses. The Big Mini was towards the end of the list but I was interested. Now he probably meant the 35mm fixed lens version of this camera that usually goes for north of $100. I found this zoom version for south of $25. Takes pretty good pics considering. Haven’t printed read more

Mondo2000: A Users Guide to the New Edge

From my library Mondo2000: A Users Guide to the New Edge. I loved this book and it was a huge influence on me. It came at a point when computer graphic design first became usable and images were first digitized and manipulated. Mondo2000 is an incredible glimpse into the primordial ooze that birthed a Digital Pre-Cambrian Explosion of experimentation, diversity, and ultra-visual communication. It started as a magazine which I often bought at the only book shop in town that carried it. read more

Intax TLR? Sweet!

MiNT has released the Instaflex, a true TLR instant camera that uses Instax film. It has a lot of great features, like aperture auto exposure, 4 F stops to pick from, bulb setting, flash, real ground glass to focus on, etc. The major bummer is the $319 price tag.

PDExposure’s review of MiNT’s Instaflex, TLR Instax camera

Check out MiNT’s site to learn more or purchase:

Batman Loves the Film.

An old article on making a really tiny darkroom!

Ok, here’s an old article on making a darkroom in as little space as possible. It’s hard to read but if you click the pic you should be able to make everything out on the full resolution version. I would not recommend working this way, but in a pinch it’ll do. I myself had a bathroom darkroom at one point. Perhaps more on that later. Point is, you can make do with very little space. At some point you will need running water for washing film or prints but that can be done read more

Th Canon AE-1 in Black

This is my Canon AE-1 in black. Back in the 70’s and 80’s black cameras were considered more professional. With a black AE-1 a pro could carry a less expensive body as a 2nd or back up to an F1 or A1 and still have compatibility with lenses, flash, etc. The Canon AE-1 is one of the best selling SLRs of all time. It is shutter priority with and the first with a microprocessor controlled metering that is still considered exceptionally accurate today. If you want a good, all around read more