I’m a film photographer. I shot film, develop it, and print it in my darkroom. Hence “Darkroomist.”

There’s a lot going on, and an lot that’s gone on in the film photography industry. There are many cameras, films, closings, new products, history, current events it’s mesmerizing. This blog is about my photography. It’s about things I pick out of the fray of all that is film. It’s about my specific interests in film photography, and it’s about those I find interesting who do or have practiced film photography. That’s a lot!

A couple of my specific interests are in Pinup and Urbex photography, but I also have interests in documentary photography, landscape, travel, fashion, glamour, studio lighting, etc. There’s so much it won’t fit all here, but here you’ll find the bits I’ve made, the parts I’ve crossed paths with, and the snippets I find interesting. I hope you enjoy!

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