What had happened was…

For those of you who know or follow me, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. Truthfully I still don’t really have one. I hate blog posts apologizing for or explaining why they haven’t posted in a while so I’ve put this off perhaps longer than I should have. Here I go anyway.

Back in May I started a new job and it was more a-lot-of-things than my last job. It took a month of training, then several months of adjustment to get used to it. I always viewed the job as a stepping stone and once I became acclimated to it I really kicked it in high gear so I could apply for promotions as the department has been growing quickly. Well I got that promotion, it maybe temporary but it could also turn permanent pretty easily. Now I’m trying to get my feet under me in my role as Team Lead.

I’m not giving up film photography, I just haven’t had any time for it. Combined with a family that keeps me busy I haven’t had much time for anything else at all. The rest of winter looks like it will be pretty busy. To combat this and get a bit of time behind the lens I’m making a New Years Resolution for 2018 to get two shoots and two printing sessions in before June (the month of photostock 🙂 ). This might not sound too ambitious but I think it’s attainable and it’s more than I’ve managed in a while.

While I’m not signing off, there will be fewer episodes per season for the foreseeable future. Wishing everyone much love and great exposures for 2018!