Brick of Fresh Luch SHD 100 Film

Lucky Film is back!?

Whoa! After some of what I heard and saw I thought it was the end for Chinese photographic films. Then one day I was looking around on eBay and I found 10 rolls of 36exp 35mm Luck Film for $45 with shipping. I grabbed a package quick and just recieved it. It’s dated 2018-07! Fresh stuff!

Fresh dated Lucky Film
Fresh dated Lucky Film

Alas there seems to be no more of it cheap. A precursor for more to come or some sputtering from a dying emulsion? It’s difficult to know. Shanghai seems to be putting out some decently priced 4×5 but I don’t see anyone selling 35mm or 120. ¯\(°_o)/¯ Keep you eyes peeled. It may not be the end of Chinese films yet, but I suspect it may not be too far off. Also it may just be the nature of industry in a communist country. Need workers elsewhere? Turn off lower tech factories and let it idle until the planners deem more to be necessary? I really don’t know.

If you can find it, buy it and shoot it! There’s an adventure in every roll!

Brick of Fresh Luch SHD 100 Film
Brick of Fresh Luch SHD 100 Film

2 thoughts on “Lucky Film is back!?

  1. I hope that they can crank the coating works back into life before I run out of GP3. I was on a course with a Chinese lad who was going back to Shanghai for New Year’14 and I blagged him into bringing a pack of 50 rolls/£50 back with him.
    I use so much of this stuff while I am sorting out an idea for my artwork, I couldn’t work the same way with mainstream prices

  2. so, later on as I had something to go with, I load up a pack of Ilford Delta 3200 — at ^x the price of the GP3.
    Well I am blowed, if when I get into the dark room to load my spiral the film base hasn’t torn off to cause me to lose the last 3 shots.
    So much for quality film

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