Nikon Fa, Hasselblad 500/CM, Minolta Himatic

New additions to the herd!

What do all these cameras have in common? I own all three but haven’t shot a single frame in any of them!

Nikon Fa, Hasselblad 500/CM, Minolta Himatic
Nikon Fa, Hasselblad 500/CM, Minolta Himatic

First up is the Nikon FA. I’m a Canon guy so what am I doing with a Nikon. Well for starters I got my first Canon, an AE-1 from my Dad in high school. When digital started getting big I inherited his EOS 650. I like Canons and I get them. I’ve been handling them for a long time.

I had actually sworn off Nikons not for any philosophical reasons or brand loyalty, I just didn’t want a whole second set of expensive stuff to collect.

Then out of the blue, a relative was downsizing their living space and a whole Nikon kit landed in my possession. Not only with the camera but also a 50mm lens, a couple zooms, and several accessories! I don’t need to collect anything to have a functional Nikon rig! Booya!

Next in line is the venerable Hasselblad 500 CM. To be 100% honest this camera is about 50% mine as I write this. It was my grandfather in law’s and I owe the estates some money for it still. It was the one camera he had that I really wanted. I’m paying for it by helping the estate with the rest of his camera stuff. I organized an prices TONs of items for the estate sale last year and now I’m selling the final remnants on eBay. Without the gracias arrangements I’d never be able to afford this wonderful camera. It’s truly a win-win.

Like the FA this came as a kit with wide, normal, and tele lenses, a spare back and other odds and ends. To be honest I’m super excited to use this camera but also a little intimidated. I’ve told myself I’ll start shooting with it once it’s 100% mine, but that might be a bit of an excuse. I may wait until Photostock, I don’t know.

Finally we have a Minolta HiMatic. After grandpa’s estate sale some buyout people camera through and then what was left was left and it had to go. The house was sold, the new owner want to start renovations. Anything I thought would go for more than $50 or so I bought back to my place to be sold on eBay the rest went to charity.

This was just a camera I picked out of several boxes of point and shoots that went to the Salvation Army. I took at least 3 SUV loads there, there was so much stuff. I grabbed this HiMatic and an even more lowly Kodak Cameo (not pictured) because grandpa said they were remarkably sharp for what they were.

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