Macro Setup

365 Film challenge update!

Ok, I’m on a roll! It has not been easy and it’s not always inspiring. I’m a busy guy. I have two active kids, a wife that works full time, I have a part time job and a weekly DJ gig, I’ve been sick, I’ve had to clear snow, BUT I still have managed to do it. Stuffing a film frame or two on top of that has not been easy but it’s been fun.

Day 4: I used the Canon WP1 (portra NC) and shot some desolate, low saturation images of a windswept snowy parking lot.
Day 5: using the BigMini (fixed, Lucky shd100) I snapped a pic of my friend at his job at Mid Michigan Music
Day 6: Still on the BigMini I took a pic of the crazy disaster of a space the back room at our office is. Somewhat a use of flash fall off.
Day 7: With the Wp1 I took a picture of my youngest son at the gaming computer I built for the kids.
Day 8: I set up a macro “station” (pictured below) and took my first real macro shot of a heat sink. I used a EOS Elan 7 with a M42 adapter, bellows and 50mm lens. I’m pretty sure I have Kodak XX in this camera but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Day 9: This was a quick snap at work with the BigMini of our largest flatbed tow truck at work.
Day 10: Another macro of an Apple Computer printing on a circuit board from 1996.

Today is day 11 and I haven’t shot anything yet but it’ll probably be another macro shot. It’s nice to have something I can go to easily. (Edit I forgot I shot a couple Ringlight test frames!) I know some of this doesn’t sound THAT interesting. I have some fun thoughts floating around in my head and I trust that I’ll get the time to commit some of them to film. I have an event on Saturday that I’m sure will take up some film. These short days are definitely rough! Part of this challenge is making room for it. fitting at least one frame of film into your day. Interesting note, I have not yet finished a roll of film, Now about that color developing kit, shoot, I have to see how my Tri-X stock is holding up too.

Macro Setup
Macro Setup