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365 Film Challenge Accepted!

I’m going to give it a go. I’m going to shoot at least one frame a day for all of 2017! Medium format, large format, 35mm, it’s all game. People, urbex, murex, pinup, macro, studio, there’s no limits. I’m hoping this pushes me to do more of the things I know I can do well, but get lazy and don’t do plus get my feet wet with some things I never do. Macro? never really shot much of it. Self developed color? I’ll have to try it. Asking people if I can take their picture? I don’t do enough of it! I have a new-to-me camera I haven’t used yet. I have plenty of stuff to make this fun. Of course this will make carrying a camera at all times and imperative!

I don’t know how I’ll keep people posted about this. Maybe in weekly or semi-weekly updates. Not sure but I want to keep a running log of subjects, thoughts, etc.

So far I’ve been able to to shoot at least one frame every day. One epiphany I had was that I’m going to use up the remnants of lots of film in cameras and I may not know what I’m really shooting until it’s done. The other epiphany was that I have lots of cameras to choose from. Another was that I really don’t shoot enough film of my family. The final realization that kind of ticked e off a bit was that I have a Canon AE-1 (black) loaded with some iso100 film that the battery is totally dead on. Very frustrating when you’re trying to run out of the house and grab a camera.

Konica BigMini
Konica BigMini

Day 1: Konica BigMini (fixed) loaded with Lucky SHD 100 Shot a quick portrait of my youngest son in front of the Christmas Tree

Day 2: Same Camera but this time snapped a couple frames of a house not far from me that was recently gutted in a house fire.

Day 3: Canon WP-1 loaded with expired Kodak Portra NC (not sure of the speed) left over from the summer beach trip. Shot a few frames of the medical building at 515 N. Michigan in Saginaw which is a very modern somewhat brutal building. I’ll have to do a little write up on this wonder soon!

Today is Day 4 and I have no idea what I’ll end up shooting and I’m not exactly long on time today. There’s a lot of running around to do. We just got a fresh blanket of snow and most of the interesting stuff I’d like to shoot is nowhere near where I’m going. I might set up a macro station in my basement and give that a swing. Though I don’t think I have a 35mm film camera with MLU. IDK, maybe I’ll just slip my Olympus XA2 in my coat pocket and figure something out!

If I really start running low on ideas (which may happen!) I might have to lean on my buddy Mark O’Brien’s post on using projects to keep you fresh!