all you have to do is start

The notes photographers write ourselves. 

As a photographer I take a lot of notes. Most are regarding print exposures and aren’t that interesting. Here’s one on a camera back that jammed that I later thought was a bit amusing.

Jammed camera back

I put up a dollar store white board in my Darkroom so I can keep track of ToDos. You might not think there’d be much to keep track of but some stuff you might forget until it bites you in the rear. Don’t want to get all excited to start a developing session only to realize there’s no good fixer available!

Stuff to do in the darkroom

Here’s one of the more important notes I’ve written myself in the Darkroom. Sometimes I procrastinate about some of the work aspects of analog photography. I don’t particularly care for mixing chems or even developing film. Sometimes I’m not feeling to inspired. The reality though is that if I can just start 9.5 times out of 10 I’ll feel accomplished with what I create.

all you have to do is start