Saginaw Old Golds "Contact Sheet"

“Contact Sheet” from the Saginaw Old Golds Baseball Game

Saginaw Old Golds "Contact Sheet"
Shot on Svema FN 64 in a Canon A-1 of Vintage Baseball team The Saginaw Old Golds

On Sauturday, May 14th, 2016 (and Sunday) four Vintage Baseball teams from Michigan played four teams from Ohio. They play by 1860s rules, dress in 1800’s reproduction outfits, and play ball! My son and I went and watched out home town team, the Saginaw Old Golds play The Capitals. I shots these photographs with a Canon A-1, using a Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm, on Svema FN 64 hand rolled by The Film Photography Project. Processing was R09 1:100 for an hour with agitation at the beginning and a couple inversions half way through.

“Contact Sheet” is in quotes because this isn’t really a contact print rather a digital image of the negatives on a light box that was then inverted using software.