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The Film Photography Project and Podcast

Either Way it’s the FPP! In a recent podcast I was listening to, the cast remarked that the FPP is underground and nobody writes about them, Will I’m aiming to change that.

I’ve been following the FPP for quite a while. I was first introduced to the FPP by contributor Mat Marrash at the 2011 Photostock. He interviewed me and others and we were featured in Episode 42. Well we met in June and the episode 42 aired in September which was quite enough time to get me hooked! I might not be able to claim I’ve heard every show (what show?) I’m an avid listener and patron, and some of the friends I’ve made at Phosotock are involved with the project. Presently they’ve added over 100 episodes since my interview and the Project and Podcast continue to grow in exciting and informative ways.

So what’s the FPP. Well the Film Photography Project essentially promotes and encourages film photography through a number of different channels. They do a LOT for the film photography cause. They accept a huge number of donations of cameras, film, and darkroom accoutrements and dispense them to educational programs that teach students photography through film. They also have an online store, and they periodically conduct workshops and community events. Probably one of their most visible channel of film promotion is the Film Photography Podcast.

Let’s start with the Podcast. As a film shooter it’s awesome. Let face it, film photography is a fairly niche activity whether your hobbyist, pro, or semi-pro. If you try to talk to even a digital photographer (much less a lay person) it can be difficult to determine whether their interest or comprehension was exhausted first. Film photography is a whole big world, the rabbit hole is deep and it’s fun to nerd out with like minded people.

The Film Photography Podcast are those like minded people!

The format is pretty simple there are usually anywhere from 1 to 4 topics per episode and it’s usually a group of photographers lead by Mike Raso discussing and educating around that topic. Some topics are big, like Episode 123 the tour of the Harman Ilford plant by Viviane Li that was the entire episode. Other times they discuss anything from specific cameras, film types, developers, formats, all kinds of things. From Super8 movie making to Lomography to 8×10, black and white, color negative, and transparency, they cover the gamut.

Let me also note that, having listened to other podcasts, the production values of this one are high. They’re more comedic than say NPR but the audio quality and mixing is superb. Imagine a cross between MST3k and This American Life and it’s all about film photography!

One of the great things about these guys, and gal, is that they’re in it for the film. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a Fisher Price kid’s 110 camera or building your own 20×24 ULF field camera, they’re into it. Film endeavors great and small, they cover it all and it’s all very positive.

I also have to mention The Film Photography Project’s Store. The store helps keep the project going but it also has crazy good deals for photographers. It’s truly a win-win situation. FPPers (I think mostly Mike Raso) hand spool unique 35mm films, and 620 film. The also have some of the lowest prices you’ll find on Impossible products. Through the podcast, they announce monthly specials. Just last month (4/2016) it was 24 shot rolls of Svema FN 64 B&W film for $2.99/roll. Plus it’s the only place I know of to find color IR film. Probably one of their best deals at this time is the possibly discontinued Shanghai GP3 120 rolls for $3.99ea (it sells for $7.50/roll on eBay!). X-ray, high contrast, expired, orthochromatic, IR, this store has TONS of stuff you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re wondering how to get some of these oddball films processed like the color IR or cine films (with ramjet backing), well, they’ve partnered with The Darkroom to make it easy to get the best possible results from these film stocks.

If you shoot film and you’re not in on this project, you need to check it out. Listen, purchase, donate. You’ll thank me, I’m sure!

The Film Photography Project
The Film Photography Project

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  1. Great write up – I love the FPP! I have listened to all of the episodes. For anybody who wants to listen to them all, I started with the most current and worked my way back to number 1 and think I liked that better than I would have if I went the other way. Buy all of your film from the FPP – I just received a pack of 4×5 HP5 and am ordering some more 4×5 in preparation for #Photostock2016 🙂

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