Skull Decanter 

My apologies on this picture of a picture. It’s difficult to take a good shot of a bagged glossy print. Plus is 11×14 so scanning isn’t an option and it’s fiber base paper which means it curls which means it will find reflections! 


If you like Skull Vodka you might recognize this. A friend of mine had one and I just had to borrow it. 

Setup for the shot was pretty easy just a light tent with a black background. 

I shot this with a Graflex Pacemaker press camera with a Kodak Aero-Ektar lens, on some expired TXP320 film. Stand developed for 1 hour in Rodinal 1:100. 

I printed this on Ilford MGIV FB paper. It had been some time since I worked with fiber. While the process itself was ok albeit slower, the drying took a turn for the worse. After trying to use some old FB print driers I completely wreck several prints. I ended up hanging the prints back to back to minimize curl. 

I really like how this turned out. The telltale Aero-Ektar shallow depth of field really gives it a three dimensional feel. The shadows are dark and crisp while maintain a nice range of values in the subject which in itself is pretty awesome looking.