Fuji Neopan Acros film

Fuji hikes prices (again) and rumored disinterest in film.

Japan Camera Hunter has an article about Fuji’s announcement to raise prices. Initially I started reading this article to see just how much prices were going up. To my surprise the article not only mentioned the 10% price hike but also went on to speculate that Fuji is trying to wind down its presence in the film market with the notable exception of Instax which they’re excited about o_0. This kind of freaked me out because Fuji Neopan Acros is pretty much my favorite film. I like Tri-X a lot also as well as a bunch of oddball black and white films. Neon Acros though has a special place in my camera. It is so smooth, the grain is so tight. Seriously I can barely see it in the grain focuser on a 120 negative when making an 8×10 print. If you’re shooting low light subjects the reciprocity failure on Acros doesn’t exist until you hit 2 minutes. If, or perhaps when, Fuji exits the film market I will feel this loss. To off set that, I’m starting to stockpile some of this wonderful film. I’ll hopefully be making monthly “investments” in Acros until I either can’t get any more or I feel my hoard is sufficient.

When I was first embarking on my film photography journey I saw others do this with films like Plus-X or Velvia. The first time I felt the pinch was when TXP-320 in 220 format became discontinued. I bought a couple (5 roll) pro packs and thought I was good. Somehow I burned through it way too fast. I won’t make that mistake again. Here’s my first installment. I won’t be able to buy this much every month but the idea is grow my reserves and prepare for its unavailability.

Fuji Neopan Acros film
First shipment of my growing Acros stockpile.

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  1. Fuji Acros 100 is definitely one of those “special” films – if nothing else then for the reciprocity failure alone!

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