Success and failures!

How’s it goin’? 60/40. Pretty much sums it up. Let’s start with the failures so we end on a positive note. 

I saw two awesome shows in Chicago last year. Earthless, a power jam band, and Radio Moscow a blues driven power rock band. I took my Konica BigMini Zoom to both loaded with some Ilford Delta 3200. Shot a bit over 2 rolls one of which is still in the camera. Now I knew this was a long shot. Shows are super difficult lighting wise and I was trusting a P&S camera to figure it out. The Earthless show in particular was very dark on the musicians. To compensate I did some research on getting the most out of Ilford 3200 and got a bottle of Ilfotec DD-X and over developed by half a stop. The result still was unfortunately thin negatives. So thin that the density variations in these cell phone light box pics is the flourescent light flicker. 


There’s probably a couple useable frames but next time I’ll have to take a camera with a manual setting. Not a total loss but still a bit of a disappointment. 

On the plus side the Kentmere 100 that I developed in R09 in Chicago and Saginaw turned out mostly great. The Saginaw roll sat for a while. I think some of those pics are from early 2104-ish. I’ll be interest in printing some of those and seeing how the Rodinol looks with a slower speed film. These were shot either on a Canon EOS 620 or Elan 7. 

For the time being I think I’ll use the R09 on 200 iso and slower films and the DD-X for anything faster. I still like the look of Xtol but for the lower volume for long periods of time it’s not very practical.