Fuji Neopan Acros film

Fuji hikes prices (again) and rumored disinterest in film.

Japan Camera Hunter has an article about Fuji’s announcement to raise prices. Initially I started reading this article to see just how much prices were going up. To my surprise the article not only mentioned the 10% price hike but also went on to speculate that Fuji is trying to wind down its presence in the film market read more

Success and failures!

How’s it goin’? 60/40. Pretty much sums it up. Let’s start with the failures so we end on a positive note. 

I saw two awesome shows in Chicago last year. Earthless, a power jam band, and Radio Moscow a blues driven power rock band. I took my Konica BigMini Zoom to both loaded with some Ilford Delta read more

vintage bikini pinup

Vintage Bikini Pinup Print

A pretty blonde woman poses in a loudly patterned bikini against a fence. I think this was a professional image. Her hair and makeup is extremely well done, the bikini would have been on point in terms of fashion for the time, her pose is natural looking but extremely well directed to accent her hourglass figure and legs, and the lighting is beautifully soft. Both people in front of and behind the camera knew what they were doing, and were good at it, when this image was created. My guess on this read more