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The Holga Factory Has Closed

It’s always sad when a bastion of film photography is lost but the announcement from Freestyle Photo that the Holga Factory has closed hits a bit harder for me.

The Holga 120S was one of my first medium format cameras right after the antique shop Ansco Sure Shot. I modded the crap out of it which was really fun. I still have it and still shoot with it some 15-ish years later. For a plastic toy camera they’re reasonably tough! I bough the 120PAN (6×12) a couple years ago, and a backup mustard yellow 120N earlier this year. I’m a fan of the product. If you’re a film photographer and don’t have one, I’d highly recommend you get one now. They’re not terribly useful right out of the box, but with some modifications can be very fun and useful tools. Sad news for sure.

You can still get Holga cameras on Amazon


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