Olympus XA contact sheet

This roll has gotten around! It’s one of the interesting things about film photography. Rolls can sit, and sit, in a camera, waiting to be finished.

I have a couple compact 35mm cameras including a couple Konica Big Minis, some promo cameras and this Olympus XA.

This roll in particular has been to Muskegon, Mi, on a photo walk in Carrolton (Saginaw, Mi), up to Photostock 2015 in Harbor Springs, Mi, and shooting up there in Good Hart, Mi! Whew it’s traveled quite a ways through time and space. Photos are spanning about a year.

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Looking at this “contact print” (it’s actually a cellphone shot of the roll in a print file on a light box then inverted) you may notice something is a little bit off. Namely: where are the frame numbers? There are none! That’s because this is a roll of Kodak XX. It’s motion picture film respooled for 35mm still photography! I love this stuff. I’m starting to run low so I’ll have to order some soon. If you’re interested in trying this wonderful film stock The Film Photography Project carries it (also called Eastman XX or 5222) and at the time of this writing it’s available from the Ebay Seller nrapak1959.

For those interested this was developed in Xtol 1:1.

Olympus XA contact sheet of Eastman XX 5222