.45cal Pinup


From my first pinup shoot. Shot most of it on Efke KB100 because it was cheaper and hadn’t changed since the 40’s. I figured it’d be great stock for a mid-century themed shoot. I still have a few rolls floating around. I was shooting with two cameras at the time. One was a Canon A-1, 50mm/1.8 and a 100mm/2.9. I think I had a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 Zoom too. The other was an EOS 650 with 50mm/1.8, and a 80-200 zoom. Also have a couple holga Pics from this shoot. I wasn’t processing myself back then. I believe the lab I went to used HC-110.

While I didn’t develop the film my self I did print it in my darkroom.8×10 on Kodak Poly Contrast IV RCVC paper.

.45cal PinupIt’s available for purchase it here.