First print off my new (to me) enlarger!

First print of Omega D5 Enlarger

Here it is, my first print off my Omega D5, which I picked up at Photostock 2015. It’s of my grandfather in law. Printing with this is very different than my Beseler 23c. This uses a Dichro head instead of a condenser.

Dichro heads use a diffuse light source, as apposed to columnated, which reduces contrast, increases exposure time, and has a different feel.

It kind of feels like I’m doing something wrong and I’m not getting prints that look how I expect but that’s ok. Part of it may be from printing images from a Kowa 6 that didn’t last long before jamming. The optics may be a little soft and poorly coated compared to more modern ones. I think with a bit of time I’ll get used to this new tool. I’m very grateful to the Bannows for bestowing such a fine enlarger upon me. Despite the differences (I’m not used to an enlarger that hums) I’m enjoying working with something different and changing things up. I believe it was Neitzche who said “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Omega D5 Enlarger