Freestyle is sending out its last printed catalog.

Freestyle Photo recently announced via email that its next catalog will be its last.

I guess it’s to be expected as it’s been a trend across multiple industries. Keh ditched their print catalog a couple years ago. Anyone remember those ginormous Computer Shopper magazines of the 1980s and 90s? Now they’re long gone. According to Eric Joseph, Senior Vice President:

“We absolutely remain committed and dedicated to traditional photography and continue to find ways to not only keep products available, but also as affordable as possible. Producing a printed catalog is costly and the time has come to take those costs and pass the savings onto you, our loyal customers!”

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Honestly I don’t blame them at all. While I liked getting Freestyle catalogs they didn’t really generate purchases from me. That seems to be the main reason for having a printed catalog these days. Catalogs used to be a yearly, or more, reference tool to know what products a company had to offer. All the major stores had them and I bet they kept the postal workers in great shape! Now catalogs are more for advertising. While there was definitely an advertising component in the past, now sales catalogs are what seem to predominantly arrive in the mail. Catalogs that have a limited time span and quantity that try to motivate buyers to purchase. I think Freestyle would be able to do that with a sales flier more easily than with a full catalog.

I will be saving that last one
Last printed Freestyle Photo Catalog

Freestyle offers a walk down memory lane with a look back at past catalogs.