Photostock 2015 Report

If you follow pretty much any of my profiles or this blog, you know I’m really big on Photostock, the annual Northern Michigan, mostly analog (chemical) photography meet up.

This year’s was awesome! I saw some great friends that I’ve met over the last 8 years and made some new ones all sharing the passion of film photography and alt process. Every year is different and this year was no exception. There were a range of great presenters, I got to see Bill Schwab’s brand new mostly completed workshop facility, and do some shooting in beautiful Northern Michigan with great people. We had drinks by the fire and listened to some musically inclined photographers share their talents. It’s a great way to expand your photographic horizons, learn about other processes, cameras, equipment, and subject matter.

This year there was a freebie table which was new. New and awesome! I took a home made contraption that turns your 4×5 camera into a 4×5 projector/enlarger. I’ve only ever set it up to prove the concept that it worked and it did. Shortly after I obtained an old FED 4×5 enlarger much more suited to the task. In return I managed to grab a cokin fog filter (series A), 2 rolls of Panamatomic X, a roll of Plus X, a couple rolls of Tri-X 400 (all 35mm) and some enlarging lenses. I’d arranged with another attendee I’ve known for some time to pick up a free Omega D5, which I’ve been wrestling with and I finally think is ready to print. Also bought about 100 sheets of previously owned 16×20 FB paper and some odd sized 14×17 paper for $60. Next year I plan on taking the FED to the freebie table!

Needless to say I’m brimming with inspiration from the event and I’m excited about some of the contacts I’ve made.

The main venue for the event is The Birchwood Inn:
Me at the Birchwood

Andrew Moxom shows off his wet plate collodion skills.
Andrew Moxom wet plate collodion

DIY Pinhole Camera Display:
DIY Pinhole Camera Display

Norba Wide Camera:
Norba Wide Large Format Camera

Fancy Cameras and Bags!

Reviewing prints with other artists:
Photostock print reviews

Things change so much since I started going to Photostock. I was once able to go in this house:

So much more goes on than I can portray or describe. Get a 100 people who love photography, especially film and alt process, and have them rent out a motel for a long weekend, it’s a crazy good time. On top of it Bill Schwab organizes a bunch of presentations and workshops around the event. It’s one of a kind. I’d be surprised if anything like this occurs anywhere else in the country.