Access All Areas an Urbex How-to

The risks with urbex are real.

I’ve done some urbex photography and I will attest that it is no place to be foolish. There are risks and if urban exploration is something you chose to do with or without a camera you need to respect that. These buildings are old and unmaintained. You need to assess the risks and act accordingly. You need to be aware of your surroundings, the structure, the ceiling, the floors, environmental hazards like broken glass, you need to be on the look out for other people and feral dogs. This story out of Flint of a teen killed in an abandoned school by falling through the roof is tragic and it is a worst case scenario of what can happen if you’re less than cautious:


Going into abandoned buildings is risky behavior. Be aware and exercise caution. Your life can literally depend on it.

If urbex is something you want to do, reach out to those doing it for advice and read up on how to do it. I’d recommend the Book Access All Areas as a good urbex how-to.

Access All Areas an Urbex How-to

No one wants to see anyone hurt or killed in this endeavor. Especially when a talk with someone who’s urbex’ed, or a book, or some conversations on online urbex forums could have prevented this. Be safe out there people.