Rough Week in the Darkroom

And I didn’t even print! Well it all started with Photostock (which was awesome!). See I got this enlarger from the Bannows, an awesome film photography couple who were moving and downsizing their formidable enlarger collection. I got free-to-a-good-home an Omega D5. Originally I thought they said it was a D2 but after some research, no, it’s definitely a D5. I stuffed it an a bunch of other spoils in my Jeep Cherokee and read more

Print your pictures!

I was originally told this by an antique photo collector about 5 years ago, give or take. She was literally afraid that in the future collecting photos might become impossible. Her reasoning was that lots of people collect photos; fewer collect negatives, and fewer yet of the negatives are ever printed. There’s next to no hope of future photo collectors going through old hard drives to look for your pictures. All the stuff stored online is mostly stored by a company, Yahoo for Flickr, Amazon/Apple/Microsoft/Google read more

Only the chimney remains.

Found this gem in Saginaw Township. It looks like it’s nestled deep in some creepy woods but it’s right next to a house and a subdivision, and a busy road. Evidence of our transience in the middle of suburbia.

I believe this was shot with the Konica Big Mini (fixed lens) on Arista Premium 400 (believed to be Tri-X), and processed in R09 (Rodinol).

Thoughts on New55’s R3 Monobath developer

New55, a company who’s primary goal is to bring back Polaroid’s Type 55 instant film, has released a new product that is making quite a splash. It’s called R3 monobath developer. Usually developing black and white film or paper is a three step process followed washing any remaining chemical residues off the film. You develop, read more

Access All Areas an Urbex How-to

The risks with urbex are real.

I’ve done some urbex photography and I will attest that it is no place to be foolish. There are risks and if urban exploration is something you chose to do with or without a camera you need to respect that. These buildings are old and unmaintained. You need to assess the risks and act accordingly. You need to be aware of your surroundings, the structure, the ceiling, the floors, environmental hazards like broken glass, you need to be on the look out for other people and feral dogs. This read more