Manfrotto Monopod Clearance Deal at Walmart!

Last night I had to make a quick run to Walmart and took a quick look through their clearance isle. That’s when I happened upon this super deal. It’s a Manfrotto MMC3-01M monopod. They had it marked down to $10, Amazon has it listed for $24.75! It’s small, and I mean really small (I included and iPhone 3gs for size comparison). Fifteen and change inches long when collapsed and 4.5 feet at max extension. It has the typical Manfrotto solid construction and the slightly oval shape feels very comfortable one’s hand. Being extremely compact means this will see use on trips when bulkier gear wouldn’t be welcome. Family vacations, hikes, geocaching, and other outings when photography isn’t the main purpose would be the perfect time to pack this little wonder. There’s only two draw backs to it really. The first is that there’s no head on it so it’s square and landscape only unless you put a mini ball head on it. Which brings up drawback number two. The max weight limit is 3.3lbs. If you put even a small ball head on it, or a pan/tilt head, you’d be bumping up against that limit fast. Best bet in my opinion would be a Holga for film or some other lightweight square format film camera, or a cell phone. Still, despite the drawbacks this monopod is way better than my old SLIK monopod. Not sure if this was a one-off deal at the Walmart down the street from me or if it’s at more stores, but it never hurts to browse the clearance isle!

Manfrotto MMC3-01M MonopodManfrotto Monopod