An Urbex Poster is Born

There’s lots to love about shooting medium format film. The tonality is great, the latitude is incredible, and the ability to capture and reproduce fine detail is astounding. One way to really appreciate all this is to print BIG. In my darkroom I can go up to 16×20 which is a pretty serious size print. Problem is big paper is expensive. I usually shoot on the reasonably price Arista RC VC which is a bit over $2/sheet plus shipping. Handling wet FB paper that size is challenging. Plus big prints are expensive. I usually get over $100 for one and I’ve been told that’s too cheap. In wanting to make some of these wonderful images more accessible to people I thought I’d start designing some posters. This shot from Michigan Central Station is my first stab at it.

Back in 2008 myself and few other analog (and some digital) photographers made and urban exploration (urbex) trip to the huge, abandoned, Michigan Central Station train station in Detroit. This is a well known urbex destination and it is magnificent. It’s a pre-WWII public structure build during Detroit’s heyday. The craftsmanship and opulence of the the grand marble entrances is remarkable. It’s also remarkable what time and neglect have done to the structure. Between the vandals and mother nature’s wrecking ball, this wonder has slid far from the zenith it once held. I’m of the opinion that the fall from grace is itself a beautiful tragedy. Like an architectural parallel to MacBeth or Hamlet. With this building the story is not over. It’s owner has taken renewed interest in the structure and has been removed some asbestos and making repairs.

Now available for the first time as a 23″ X 35″ poster:
Michigan Central Station Urbex Poster

A traditional darkroom 8×10 print is still available here.