How much is this Camera Worth?

If you’re like me you’re the family’s camera guy, photographer, photo man and all things photography related. If so you probably get this question a lot: “I have this XYXYXYX film camera, is it worth anything?” Usually someone standing near by could actually hear your eyes rolling. Most times the answer is “No” and not because you want it. It’s just that the film cameras with the highest production numbers were, with few exceptions, consumer oriented overly simplistic garbage. Like I said there are few exceptions. SLRs and TLRs and rangefinders can get some money, especially if they were made in Europe. Some lenses still have good values and some are increasing (like the Canon FL 55mm/1.2) because of new mirrorless digital cameras that can use them. I’ve also gotten phone calls about enlargers. Sadly most 35mm enlargers are not worth much but a medium format Beseler 23c might fetch $100 if it’s complete with everything needed to use it (lens, negative carriers, grain focuser, bulb, etc). Large format cameras are a whole other game. Usually the bellows are a primary concern because replacing leaky bellows on an 8×10 camera can run you $300.

For most of the camera questions Silver Based put together a nice guide covering how much a camera is worth.