Notting Hill Sound Systems

Notting Hill Sound Systems

I â¤ï¸ this little photo book or photo zine, Notting Hill Sound Systems, by Brian David Stevens and published by Cafe Royal Books. It’s all double trucks of PA systems set up for the 2004 Notting Hill Carnival.

Brian David Stevens tweeted to me that these shots were done with a “leica m3 voigtlander 25mm (and maybe my 40mm) trix-x!” I must say, the medium incorporates with the subject exceedingly well. I love how this shows some down and dirty systems that forgo things like symmetry or matching enclosures and favors mass over style. Hugely lo-fi and loud. It’s a thing of beauty and wonder. Wish Saginaw had an event like this as I have a similar sound system!

If you like this type of small photo zine on niche interesting subjects, head over to Cafe Royal Books, they specialize in them!

Just for fun, here’s my Notting Hill Style Soundsystem: