What’s in My Bag – Light Weight Photo-Walk Edition

Yesterday me an a couple friends got together for a couple beers and an evening stroll around Carrolton which is in Saginaw County Michigan. There were old schools, store fronts, grain elevators, trains, wheat grass in the sunset, concrete plants, all kinds of stuff to see. I wanted to shoot film mostly and leave the digital to my iPhone 5. This is what I packed to keep it light and easy. Not a whole lot of thought needed for any of these cameras which means your mind can focus more on composition. So here’s what’s in my bag:

Olympus XA rangefinder
Konica Big Mini 25mm
iPhone 5
Holga (circa 2003 that I customized)
Konica Big Mini 35-70mm Zoom
Zoom Digital Audio Recorder
2x Rolls of Tri-X 400 120
Roll of Kentmere b&w100
Roll of Arista Premium B&W 400
Roll of Kodak 400vc
UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag

What's in my bag