Doorbuster deals at Daedalusbooks.com

I just got a box of books the other week from Daedalusbooks.com some of which center around film photography, and all were crazy good deals. First up is Miami Graffiti by James Murray & Karla Murray (ISBN 9783791341620). This is a pretty cool little book of street art from Miami. Most of the work depicted is awesome, some of it resonates a little less with me. The photography of the street art is pretty good. Best thing is the price, Daedalus wants $3 for it!

Miami Graffiti

Next up is Vintage 80s: London Street Photography, by Johnny Stiletto (ISBN 9780711232518). After discovering Vivian Maier I’ve re-fallen in love with street photography. Johnny Stiletto is no Ms. Maier, yet he has a interesting collection of street photos from London during a nostalgic decade. For a $5-er it is a visual treasure, rife with inspiration.

Vintage 80s London Street Photography

Last and by no stretch least is Motel Fetish by Chas Ray Krider (ISBN 9783836536011). This is the book that spawned a trilogy. The first printing of Motel Fetish still commands a good some, but this is the 2012 printing and at a very good prince point. Motel Fetish is a Not Safe For Work book and does contain nudity. This book is awesome. Printed at the dawn of the modern pinup renaissance, Krider adds a low-key, theatrical element to the genre. His images are dark, moody, alluring, and almost nefarious. There is a brooding intensity of unknown story lines behind each vignette. Impressively all the images in the book were shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera on color film. It is a gem if you enjoy pinup or film photography. For $7 it’s a must have. The reversible “panic cover” makes it disappear amongst your old college textbooks for when your Mom visits.

Motel Fetish by Chas Ray Krider

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