Bronica SQa Medium Format Film Camera

Meet the Bronica SQa

Bronica SQa Medium Format Film Camera

This is my workhorse film camera the Bronica SQa. When I post contact sheets and the images are square they were shot with this camera. It’s one of the cheaper modular medium format slr cameras out there and one of the few available in 6×6. They were the go-to cameras for middle market wedding photographers for decades and many have a lot if miles on them but refuse to die.

I think the image quality is great. I’ve done 16×20 enlargements negatives from this beast with no issues at all. There is a great range of reasonably affordable lenses for this camera.

120 backs have gone up in price with the disappearance of 220 film. It’s worth nothing that 220 backs work with 120 inserts.

They also made 6×4.5 backs and 35mm pano backs and I’. pretty sure Polaroid backs exist too. Waist level finders are also getting pricy but non-metering, as well as AE prisms were made.

Another oddity is that the manual film advance crank can be expensive too.

A complete camera, ready too shoot will probably run you $300-500 at the moment depending on condition, components, and accessories. My camera shown here with the speed grip (great for studio work with models), a coupled AE prism, and a standard 80mm/2.8 lens.