The Pilot 6

Pilot 6 Camera

Today’s camera from the camera collection is a Pilot 6. Originally I was trawling eBay for a Great Wall 6×6 medium format camera. After doing some research I found out that the Great Wall was an upgraded Chinese version of the German Pilot 6. I did some searches for the Pilot 6 and came across this little guy incorrectly listed as a box camera. It’s actually an early SLR. Needless to say I got it for a song and started acquainting myself with this 1937 wonder. It is hands down the smallest medium format SLR you will find. It is tiny as well as primitive. You focus on ground glass, no split or micro prism. The taking lens is slowish, shutter speed choices are limited, stopping down the lens stops down the lens, no auto aperture. The lens is low contrast. I ran. Roll of lower contrast lucky film through the camera and ended up using grade 5 when printing for the first time. Also this one is model I can’t find any documentation on. It is only 6×4.5 and doesn’t have a removable mask for 6×6 like the ones I’ve read about.

Here’s one from my first test roll of Luck film in the Pilot 6:

"Moved We've" shot with a Pilot 6 on Lucky SHD100
“Moved We’ve” shot with a Pilot 6 on Lucky SHD100