Photostock 2015 Earlybird Registration Open!

If you live anywhere near one of the Great Lakes and you shoot film, this is THE annual event to be at! Produced by Bill Schwab, it is truly phenomenal. It’s reasonable to expect around 100 attendees most of whom shoot and print film photography. There is also a high concentration of alt process photographers doing wet plate photography (there are also platinum/palladium printers, gum over bichromate, and others). It’s a ton of awe and inspiration as you get to see so much work that is off-the-charts good, as well as off the beaten path. Evening portfolio sharing is a fun part of the experience and guest speakers share their passion for the art throughout the day and night. If you enter in the print exchange you get to randomly swap your entry for another’s. After the sun sets there’s plenty of merriment and story telling with the occasional acoustic guitar accompaniment. All this occurring in the spring splendor of Northern Michigan. There’s so much scenery to explore. Shorelines, man made forests, lakes, abandoned buildings, dunes, lighthouses a couple hours away in the UP, there’s so much to see and shoot.

While most participants are involved with some aspect of chemical photography, digital enthusiasts and photography collectors/curators are celebrated as well. Registration is reduced through March 22nd and the event itself is June 18-21st just north of Harbor Springs, Michigan.