Brought back from the brink.

In more ways than one! Today I found a link that gave me some good photography feels (you’ll find it in the previous post) and thought I’d dust off ye olde trusty blog and breathe some new life into it. I ventured over here and saw stuff in quite the disarray. Stuff was broken, updates hadn’t been done, blerg. I logged in and figured the first place to start was updating to the latest and greatest WordPress code. Unfortunately the update failed and the blog was completely not working as a result. I was tempted to use this hosting company’s WP tool to nuke my whole web directory and start over from a database backup. Remembering I’m pretty geeky and fancy myself proficient at WordPress I hopped on a shell to the server, downloaded the new code and quickly realized I had hit my quota for disk usage. After some deleting, cursing, and research I finally got WP back up and running, thinned out all the stuff I don’t use, got rid of some redundancies and here we are. Hopefully running better, leaner, awesomer than before with more features and whatnot.

Lately I’ve been encouraged by a couple of sources to write. It’s my hope to take on this challenge and use Darkroomist as a platform for that. I think I’ve worked out ways to keep this blog fresher and fun to return to. Time will tell.