The Bromoil bug is biting. Again.

Over the years I’ve played with the idea of doing Bromoil prints but it never got off the ground. After this year’s Photostock I feel it might actually happen. See there’s a lot of Alt process at Photostock and I happened to casually mention that Bromoil is pretty much the only alt process I’m interested in. The response I got was pretty much “YES! YES! DO IT! Here are some resources.” So I came home, watched some how-to video, refreshed myself with the book Bromoil, a Foundation Course by Derek Watkins and I’m ready to start the first phase of this project: gathering the supplies necessary to try the process. In order to do this in some orderly fashion I thought I’d compile a list of needed items so as not to haphazardly tread into unknown territory.

Stuff I need to start making Bromoil Prints:

Bromoil soft developer (Amidol or Kodak 163)
Plain hypo (or non-hardening fix)
Hard black pigment ink (Litho Black 1796 or Crayon Black 1803)
Bleaching kit (Copper sulphate, Potassium bromide, Potassium dichromate, Sulphuric acid 10%sol)
Chamois leather
Palette knife
Brushes (usually round, shaving brush or stencil brushes)
Palletes (can be white ceramic tile)
blotting paper (may be skipped by using paper towel instead of chamois?)
Stiffening powder (? gotta read up on this one more)
Extra 16×20 tray (if I’m going to make 16×20 Bromoil prints)
20×24 thick plate glass with ground edges (to ink on, turns out plexi is an option)
Watercolor fixative spray
Erasers (incl fancy small art ones)
Lighter fluid (for brush cleaning)
A well lit location I can perform a rather messy inking process

David Lewis offers a Beginners kit that covers most of this for $350-ish shipped but I can’t really afford to plop that down right now. A lot of these are sub $20 items I can keep an eye out for. I think the biggest expense is going to be the 20×24 plate glass with ground edges (which isn’t in the beginner’s kit). Where lewis might really help out is with the chemicals which he does offer a la carte. If you want to help support this endeavor please check out my Etsy store in the right hand column or click “My print store” at the top of the page. Thanks!

This is my list of things I need, I happen to have a ton of different kinds of paper and other darkroom printing supplies. To make your own list (I’m sure many things will correlate) watch the how to videos, pick up the above mentioned book and start diggin in!