Wow, I was surprised, and touched.

The stats on my Etsy Shop default to weekly and look relatively unimpressive when viewed day to day. “Favorites” trickle in, sometimes one user will go on a faving binge. Shop favorites are more infrequent. Last night I noticed that the reporting time for the stats can be changed and that one of the selections was “all time”. I was interested in that and was not prepared for what I saw. Over the last couple years I’ve amassed 403 item favorites and 63 shop favorites. O_o I was touched and surprised and humbled all at the same time. You plod along and not much exciting happens and it feels like failure then one day you step back and see how many people you’ve touched in some way. It’s an odd feeling. Obviously on a smaller scale than say It’s A Wonderful Life but of a similar ilk. 466 faves might seem like a lot, but when you’ve felt like your swimming upstream for 2 years, it’s amazing.