Everything old is new again.

Well, not everything. Just a couple things are renewed. The first is that I’ve been made an admin of the group “Darkroom Portraits” on flickr dedicated to depiction of darkrooms old and new. I haven’t been too active on flickr in a long time. I’ve let my absurdly cheap “Pro” status lapse for about 2 years now, though I’m thinking of getting it back on track. As far as the group goes, I’ve cleaned out the photo pool that was rife with non-darkroom pictures, invited scores of new images, and we have a few new members as well. Currently we’re at 435. I know there’s been rumors of Yahoo/Getty dropping flickr but I have a hard time believing they’d do that. I will admit the site is overdue for a complete overhaul. It’s loo, feel and functionality has remained stagnant since I joined in 2006. Come to think of it, my profile there really needs to be updated so I’m not linking to it! 😛

Second is JPGmag.com. I haven’t uploaded anything there in two years, and then it was sporadic. I’m going to make an effort to get that back on track as well. I always loved that magazine in print form. The site I thought was a little clique-y and I’m rarely in the clique. Who knows, maybe this time I’ll get noticed. Likewise, my stuff there is ancient so no link to it for the time being.

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