Motel Fetish in it’s 2nd printing!

I was just flipping through my Taschen catalog and noticed that Chas Ray Krider’s “Motel Fetish” is in it’s second printing!
Motel Fetish Cover

This is really good news if you’re an analog (film) photographer and/or enjoy pinup. Before this second printing I literally waited YEARS before a 1st ed print in fair-poor condition became available for less than $50. I think I got mine for just under $25 but most were $50+ Now it’s available for the entirely reasonable price of $11.34 +shipping on Amazon.com. Fair warning, there is a good amount of nekkid in the book. In Classic Glamour Photography Chas discusses using a 6×6 Hasselblad camera and Kodak Portra VC160 for this project, after which he switched to digital. Lighting for Glamour Photography contains more information about how Chas accomplishes his look including lighting diagrams. It was all this info combined with my love for the look that inspired my to do some Motel Fetish themed shots at this year’s Photostock:

Motel Pinup

Chas Krider is also one of a handful of pinup photographers that inspired me travel down this road. I’m thrilled one of his great bodies of work will be accessible to a whole new range of people.

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