Huge Mega Exhibit at the Red Eye.

So one evening I’m at the Red Eye Cafe and I meet Scotty. I was told Scotty is the new person in charge of art exhibits so I asked him if he’d be interested in have my work on the walls for a third time. His response surprised me. “We have an opening in two weeks.” Yikes! After negotiating for three weeks I got to work developing about 9mo worth of film and printing, printing, printing. The result is the biggest and possibly the most awesomest display of my work ever! All totaled I put up 31 pieces, 9 of which were 16x20s. Some were of brand spankin new shots from Treman Park, NY that turned out really nice. Many were of local interest of either local abandoned structure interiors or pinups of local models. I’ve already sold one print off the wall and another loose print. In the process of hanging and labeling the exhibit, I met two people who bought earlier prints. It’s been up less than a week and it’s already been a great experience.

Red Eye Cafe Analog Photography ExhibitRed Eye Cafe Analog Photography Exhibit