Another wierd little feedback loop.

I was thinking about the previously mentioned feedback loop when I discovered another one. This one revolves around supplies. Pretty much the only way I can keep print prices low is to be an efficient printer. Efficient with time and money. A large component of this is inexpensive paper. This is generally previously owned. While there’s a good amount of nervousness about the supply of any aspect of analog photography, I particularly worry about the stock of usable previously owned paper. There are fewer and fewer darkrooms out there. Because of that fewer and fewer people are disassembling unused darkrooms and parting them out on ebay. Furthermore as more time passes the chances that the paper in these relics will be fogged and unusable goes up. On a good note, *some* b&w paper lasts a looooong time. I have paper that expired in 2005 that still prints well. As a result of this anxiety over supply I tend to hoard it. The hoarding is also likely due in part to it being difficult for me to pass up a great deal. Presently I easily have 2000 sheets of paper, most of it 8×10 and most of it RCVC (time efficient). I think I’ve chewed through at least 500 sheets in the last year or two and my apatite is increasing.

Because I have a ton of paper slowly aging in my cool dry basement I feel pressed to use it. I try to print at least weekly. I usually try to print for at least 4hrs and generally produce 3-4 copies of 2-3 prints/hr. I think this has somewhat fueled my collecting of vintage pinup and girlie negatives. Basically I always have something to print and I feel the need to print constantly. This in turn creates internal pressure to shoot more, which then makes me wonder if I’ll have enough paper.